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Matilda Sims  A ton of amazing high-quality walls, murals, and floors.
Club Crimsyn  Lots of walls, floors, furniture, and skins as well.
Fiddledeedee  A collection of walls and floors from Half-Life 2. Also lots of clutter.  Gorgeous walls and floors that would be fitting to a grungy neighborhood.
Adele Sims  Amazing build sets and walls, well, pretty much everything is amazing here.
Esperesa  Yuxi is an amazing creator...Wonderful floor and wall sets and clutter.
Kunoichikatie  Kunoichikatie creates tons of amazing grungy walls and recolors.
Azaya  Azaya creates tons of recolors for Maxis and other meshes. Delightfully derelict!
X-Inertia  Loads of Maxis grungry recolors...LOVE.
Niaolong  Seriously...THIS IS NECESSARY. Maxis Grunge Overload!
8 Deadly Sims  Lots of grungy Maxis options, walls, floors, etc.
Cyclone Sue  Creator of all kinds of industrial decor and build sets.
Living Dead Girl  Lots of fantastic wall clutter that I overuse in my lots.
Pixel Hate  Creator of walls, floors, overlays, and lots.
Guatla  Some of my favorite sets...Broken bathroom, broken kitchen, and the demolition set.
Purity Project  Kind of Fallout 3 esque, lots of options for grungifying homes.
Six Bullets  Created some nice rusty playground recolors for those of you with Apartment Life.
Psychosim  A must visit site for all your grungy default needs...Also very useful neighborhood decor.
WG's Grungy Items  Just found these items at Insimenator!
CuriousB  Tons of grungy items...Constantly updating too!
Blacky Sim Panther  You have to have a membership, but they have a great collection of grungy recolors, lots, and objects.
Currantpotpie  This is my personal journal, but I'm also uploading recolors in the grunge persuasion. Stay tuned...
Javiera  Or you can just call her 'Ja'. Creator of MANY grungy recolors. This is one of my favorite creators!

TO BE CONTINUED, as always.  UPDATED 11/20/10.

Date: 2010-11-06 03:08 pm (UTC)
nex: Grungy black and white converse against a worn persian rug. (Default)
From: [personal profile] nex
You definitely need to add Psychosim to your list!


Date: 2010-11-13 09:44 pm (UTC)
nex: Grungy black and white converse against a worn persian rug. (Default)
From: [personal profile] nex
Curious B has some lovely grungey stuff:


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